On weekends, when I home, I LOVE having no plans and doing what I want to on the weekends.  I enjoy being home and not making decisions.  Today was one of those days.  It started with a great brunch with the girls and then no plans!  I am not a big cook, but I am starting to experiment with cooking.  Thanks in part to my sister and her always talking about recipes she is making.  One of my friends opened an olive oil and balsamic vinegar store.  It is called Olive Oil etc. and it is in Doylestown.  Their tag line is “Inspire Creative Cooking” and it really works.  I have been cooking.  I have blood orange olive oil, black walnut balsamic vinegar and rosemary olive oil.  Never realized what a difference it makes to have good oil and vinegar.  Today I made lots of yummy foods!  I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot.  Now I am making chicken, quinoa, and kale soup!  It will be yummy for lunch this week.

Now onto dinner.  I made roasted brussel sprouts with black walnut balsamic vinegar and rosemary olive oil.  I pinned the recipe to my recipe board on Pinterest.  Also, I sautéed scallops using the blood orange olive oil.  It was a great dinner……I know when I put good foods into my body, I feel GREAT!!!  For me, weekends are my time to refuel my soul with relaxation and good food.  Have a great week and remember to do things to take care of you……whether it be by doing nothing, enjoying friends/family, or enjoying nature.

“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. Hey – did you stuff your chicken with a garlic bulb and lemon? If you didnt – try it next time. We have been doing this for about 10 years and it is awesome. Obviously massage the chicken under the skin with oil and or butter too and herbs or salt and pepper! Love making whole chickens and turkey.


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