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  1. you’ve a wonderful attitude! I take a leaf out of your book today. Love the line: “Most people would get frustrated and angry, but not me…..I am laughing.” That actually made me laugh 🙂


  2. I’m impressed–I have a hard time keeping a good attitude when I have to call Comcast! You’re right, though, there are many more important things to focus on and be grateful for!


  3. Love this post…it is so true!!! Will try to think about your phrase: “if this is the worst things that happens to me today, it’s a great day!” the next time I’m having problems with internet speed or train delay’s… 😉 THANKS!


  4. 100% true and a lady after my own heart – laughter and a positive attitude go a long way! I am also glad that it’s not only us down here in deepest darkest Africa that have problems with the internet, now that made my day!!! 🙂


  5. You are more patient than me it seems, I would have been frustrated! I had comcast in the States, they were pretty good, so I’m sure everything will work out fine in the long run…so you’re positive attitude is definitely the correct response.


  6. Wow- sounds like France! My internet speed is so horrible here and I always get knocked off the internet and have to wait a while to reconnect! I do get upset when it has to do with work, but I’m like you on the flip side, if I’m just surfing I say ‘oh well’ and go off and do something else for a while. That’s life in the countryside of France. Everyone complains about the internet here! Glad your back up and running 🙂


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