Hope you aren’t getting tired of me telling you how glorious the weather has been Doylestown!  Because I am not getting tired of talking about it…….

Yesterday was another perfect spring day.  It was a glorious day and it was St. Patrick’s day, which meant for LOTS of people enjoying green beer!  Around noon I went for a walk with a friend.  It was great and hope you enjoy the pictures.  We saw a bagpiper playing for wedding about to happen at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church in town.  It was a great day for a walk!

Travel begins again this week…..off to Providence!  It will be my first visit there, since starting my blog.

11 thoughts

  1. Your pictures continue to amaze me! These make me think I’d love to move to Doylestown! I especially like the one with the clay tiles. You’ve captured them in a very unusual, architectural way that on first glance made me think I was looking at rows of wine barrels.


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