The weather in the Northeast is beautiful this weekend!  On Friday after work, I went for a great walk in Doylestown.  We went on a different route and there were some beautiful trees and flowers.  I found a pink dogwood tree- one of my favorites!  I really do love the beauty that is all around me.  Have a great Saturday!

“Travel with Laughter”

7 thoughts

  1. These are really super lovely spring blooms! We’re having chilly spring here at the moment so I haven’t been able yet to take more pictures. 😉


  2. Each new picture drew an oooh that’s lovely – in the end I think they were all winners, and one of the few displays of true blossoms I’ve seen this week, despite Jakesprinters’ challenge being blossom:) In the end though, I think that electric, limey green baby willow against the still dormant black/charcoal giant behind would have to be a nose ahead. I hope you go walking there again …


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