I love collaborating with people!  I have been traveling for a little over 10 years for work.  Doing it all…..planes, trains, and automobiles.  One of my former colleagues, that I laughed with during many of those travels, has started her own business as a Holistic Health Coach.  Her name is Renee Heigel and her website is www.reneeheigel.com.  She was the healthiest traveler I had seen prior to her becoming a health coach, so I can only imagine how great her plan is now.  Taught me many things that helped tremendously keep me in tip top form while on the road.  Recently, she developed a program to help travelers……whether it be for business or pleasure to travel healthy.  It is called- I am a healthy road warrior.  I collaborated with her and we taped a session on how to Travel with Laughter!  I loved doing this and I thought I would share the link with you.  Click on the link below!  Enjoy and have a great day!


“Travel with Laughter” and health!

5 thoughts

  1. A great listen! The masses should learn from you about laughing in un-controllable situations. I hope I am not out of line, but wanted to ask what you do for work that makes you travel so much?


  2. Thank you! No, you aren’t out of line. I work for Vector Marketing and we sell Cutco. Our main sales force is college students. I am our National Campus Recruiting Manager, so it keeps me busy!


    1. Helen! You will share a laugh with me now… I attended a recruiting session for Cutco in Sydney about a decade ago?? What a small world! That sounds like a fun job – you should do a post on travel tips on the road as your audio was full of good ones. Even the little tips like, “Keep a snack bar in your bag,” to “Smile at the train conductor to snag the last seat on the already delayed train.” 😉


      1. WOW!!! That is great. And yes, it is a small world. I am glad that you like my tips. I will keep track of my little hints on this next trip and write a blog. Enjoy your week! 🙂


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