Last week, while I was in Monrovia, CA for a wedding we went to Santa Anita Park to visit.  It was cool that it was right down the street from the hotel.  There weren’t any races occurring, but they were exercising the horses.  I was able to capture a few pictures.  It was cool to see the racetrack.  There was buzz at the park because the Preakness was happening later in the day.  Also, the winner of the Kentucky Derby (“I’ll have another”) was from Santa Anita.  While we were at the wedding “I’ll have another” won the Preakness.  They are looking for a triple crown winner.

6 thoughts

  1. I lived 10 minutes away from the Santa Anita race track for a good majority of my life and never went once! I would always pass by it and tell myself that one day I would go to the races and I never did. I totally lost out! Thanks for sharing such super pictures


    1. Ashley- I know how you feel. I lived a 1/2 an hour from Cape Cod for a couple of years and never took advantage of going. I always said I would. Crazy how we aren’t tourists in our own towns. Have a great week! -Helen


  2. I’ve never been to a horse racing track, but after reading your post and seeing the pictures, I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend. Cheers.


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