Now that I got your attention with that title.  It is not what you think.  This year the National Association of Colleges and Employers Conference (NACE) was in Las Vegas.  For me Vegas can be little overwhelming.  One of the nights during the conference my friends at InterviewStream hosted a dinner.  It was my kind of Vegas.  Good food, good friends and laughs!  We had dinner at Fix at the Bellagio.  WOW their drinks were amazing!  There was one with cotton candy, sorry no pic.  Someone at our table got this cool drink with a cucumber.  Gotta love the lights in Vegas, if you didn’t know better, you would think you were in Paris.

One thought

  1. Having two sons who live in Las Vegas, I have spent quite a bit of time there. The strip isn’t my thing but there are some nice galleries in the area. The Bellagio usually has an exhibit worth checking out. Also, there is Red Rock National Park and Fire Valley which are stunningly beautiful.


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