In January, I made a commitment to my health. I had been experiencing headaches for a number of years. I had a chiropractor tell me that where my headaches were was a sugar reflex, so I made the decision to not eat sugar or gluten. I decided to cut out gluten, because it turns into sugar in my body. Since I have changed my eating habits, my headaches have virtually disappeared. I still do have the occasional beer, but no desserts. I don’t miss them. I know some of you reading this cringe at that. But I guess since my body doesn’t like sugar it doesn’t miss it. There are LOTS of options out there if I get the craving. In May, I have made a decision to only eat organic chicken and grass fed beef. Wow, I feel amazing! Knowing that I was going to be eating more fruits and vegetables, I wanted to join a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Every week I go a pick up my goodies. It is definitely getting me to cook more. I am loving it. I have a couple of friends who are doing it as well, so we are sharing recipes. Also, with the CSA I have done a chicken share with Ledamete Grass Farm. These chickens are amazing. Loving eating local fresh foods. Here are some pics of the goodies I got this week.









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  1. Those goodies look GREAT! I’m happy for you with this change it looks like its working well. Clean eating feels SO much better- I don’t even think about eating fast foods or desert anymore. Is CSA something I could join as well?


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