I am in Utah for a conference. Some friends and I came up to Park City for the weekend. Before we headed up there we stopped get some wine. In Utah we had to go to a state wine store. We drove up to the building and felt we doing some thing. We felt like we were walking into a place we shouldn’t be. We were laughing walking into the store. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Have great weekend!


4 thoughts

  1. Looks awfully official for a bottle shop! We have state, or provincially run shops here in Ontario – they have much more customer friendly entrances and displays….they figured it out – sell more wine = more money! They are, in fact, a huge money maker for the provincial government! Happy to keep shopping in my gov’t owned wine stores…much more friendly!!! Happy travels.


  2. HA HA HA…….I once was in Salt Lake for business and the hotel caught on fire and we had to evacuate in the middle of the night…………I threatened the staff until they gave me a bottle of wine……had to open it myself and drank it out of the bottle………..interesting place. You brought back all sorts of memories.


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