Couple of weeks ago some of my girlfriends came over to celebrate life! I have found I need to get together with friends and just enjoy being together. We had lots of laughs, drank some wine, got facials and enjoyed some great food. We started out with lunch at Cafe Alessio. Our facials were at Eden Organics and finished the day at Vine and Fig for dinner. While Nancy and I were in Beaune we bought a bottle of wine and we enjoyed it at dinner.

Yummy Lunch at Cafe Alessio! Italian and sushi



DELISH dinner at Vine and Fig!








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  1. Oh I SO agree with you…Girls weekend are SOOO good for the soul. I have a big one coming up with 50 girl photographers in Seattle! Looking very forward to it. It is so nice to find someone else who feels the same way. New follower♥


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