Have you ever said…..where did the time go?  That is what I am saying today!  Two years ago today I started this blog.  I have been traveling for work for over 12 years.  When my travels started, it was mainly in the Northeast part of the US and recently it has shifted to all of the US.  I am excited for new places!  Stay tuned for some exciting new places this year.

I started “Travel with Laughter” because I realized that I travel differently than most people.  I don’t let things get to me and funny things happen to me while traveling.  Yes, delays and things not going the way you planned can be frustrating.  I have learned it is all at how you look at things.  When I find myself getting frustrated, I say to myself:  If this is the worst thing that happens today, it’s a good day.  For instance I have been on planes and see passengers get frustrated by the maintenance issues.  I don’t get frustrated, because I want them to find the issue on the ground vs. in the air.  I was on a plane that had to do an emergency landing in Iowa because it had a cracked windshield.  It was the only time I have been to Iowa and a lot of passengers got frustrated because we had to wait for a plane to be sent from Chicago.  I was happy we had landed safely and was only going to a little of a delay.  It is all how you look at things.

I knew nothing about blogging when I started and I am not the best writer.  I make mistakes and I am ok with that.  I am not perfect.  Those of you that follow me know I mainly tell my story through my photos.  When I started blogging, I thought I would start to monetize the blog.  However, I attended a blogging conference in August of 2012 and realized I want to pursue my photography vs. monetizing my blog.  I took two classes at Allure West Studio in Doylestown and have started to upgrade my equipment.  I have set up a site where my friends can buy my photography.  In July, some of my Doylestown photos will be on display at The Zen Den (local coffee shop).  I am excited for the next step with my photography!

I LOVE seeing my family and friends look at situations differently while traveling.    The blog has taught me how to appreciate and LOVE life.  I have been to so many cool places, it would be tough to pick a favorite.  I have been blessed to travel to France twice in the past couple of years with my sister.  Those are some of my favorite blogs.  I have many more places on my things to experience list.  

My goal is to bring more love and laughter into the world.  I accomplish this through my travels.  This year I had a logo designed.   I am excited to see whereTravel with Laughter” will be next year.  Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my travels.


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  1. Hey Helen,

    Happy 2nd Anniversay. Love your blog and can’t wait to see your pics hung around Doylestown and soon all over.


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