I love spending time with friends and I am blessed with some great friends!  Last weekend one of my friends had a dinner party.  I told her that I would love to go, but Nebraska was playing at the start of the dinner.  She let me know it was ok to watch them.  Because they were playing on BTN, I had to bring my iPad to stream the game.  You have to love technology.  You will see it in one of the pictures with the apps.  The funny part is I didn’t see the last play, which was the Hail Mary pass in the last four seconds.  I went to go get more wine and the game cut out.  I didn’t realize Nebraska won till I got a call from a friend.  I was able to replay it at my house, which was such a great play.  It was my friend Jenny’s birthday on Tuesday, so we celebrated her birthday too!

Good times with friends is good for the soul!


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