We had a great day in Geneva.  We found things to do even though the stores were closed on Sunday.  After a great fondue lunch, which I can’t believe I have NO pictures of, we went to Swissotel.  They have a relaxing bar called the Mirror Bar.  While we were there we enjoyed some Swiss Pinot Noir.  We discussed what to do next and spoke to the concierge about some options.  A  Lake Geneva Cruise was the final decision.  My friends know that I am not a big fan of boat cruises, but this was a great way to see the lake and it was only a couple of hours.  I like boats, just don’t like to feel trapped and I have a couple of bad boat cruise experiences.  The sky and clouds were awesome and so dramatic, which I loved for the pictures.  How great would it be to have a house in Geneva on the lake!  Time to add that to the dreams list.


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