This past week, I attended a jazz concert to kick off fundraising efforts for the Central Bucks West Jazz Ensemble to purchase a Seaboard Grand.  This is a new instrument and Central Buck will be the first High School in the world to have this new instrument.  There were four jazz bands that performed:  Central Bucks West Jazz Ensemble, Council Rock North Jazz Ensemble, Jazz for Nothin’ and Triage.  I love community supporting Community.

Ooka is a local restaurant and they have created a special roll to help support fundraising.  It will be available at all three locations from March 24th to April 30th and the proceeds will go to the CB West Music Department.  It has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, masago, oshinko, soy paper, and balsamic pomegranate reduction.  I love sushi and am excited to support them.

Jazz for Nothin’

CB West Band-0083

CB West Band-0086

Council Rock North Jazz Ensemble

CB West Band-0092

CB West Band-0091

Central Buck West Jazz Ensemble

CB West Band-0098

CB West Band-0100


CB West Band-0105

CB West Band-0106

CB West Band-0115

CB West Band-0121


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