What is out of your comfort zone?

For me its heights and activities on the water. While I was in California a few weeks ago, I did both. First we went to Trapeze High in Escondido. When we go out of our comfort zone, we need those that are in theirs, to reassure us. For me, I was not afraid of the trapeze. I knew that the safety ropes and staff had me, I was afraid of the of the 23 foot ladder to get to that point. Once I knew the procedure and pattern, I felt safe. Below are some pics of me taken while “flying.”

For me paddle board yoga was out of my comfort zone. Some people ask why, it’s because I don’t really know how to swim. I can float, but swimming is not my strength. So, for me, water sports are out of my comfort zone. We took a class with Floating Yogis in Carlsbad. It was great! The instructors helped you and pushed you safely into poses. I am proud to say I didn’t fall in the water. However, if I did what was the worse that would have happened. I would have gotten wet! Thank you Sarah!

I learned to trust those that are experts in their fields to do things that are out of my comfort zone! Both of these experiences were VERY empowering I HIGHLY recommend both of these places, if in the area.










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