I have never had this happen.

On Monday I got an email from American Airlines that I was upgraded to First Class for my flight to Los Angeles. I was so excited. It’s the end of the upgrade policy with USAIR that I am used to, so I didn’t have to use my upgrade coupons for the upgrade.  Also, it’s rare for me to get the cross country upgrades.

An hour later (48 hours before the flight) I got an email, text and notification on my account that the flight had been cancelled. So, I called the 800 number and was put on the next flight. No upgrade (I know, first world problems), but I got an exit row!

During this whole thing I thought it was strange that my TripIt Pro app didn’t update that the flight was cancelled. I even tweeted that they were have technology issues. They consistently tell me about flight changes before I get them from the airlines.

Yesterday, I got the email to check-in for the re-scheduled flight and I wasn’t able too. Again, strange! This morning I got to the airport and couldn’t check-in at the kiosk. Again, strange! When I got to the agent I found out my original PHL-LAX flight was never cancelled. The Tel Aviv to PHL leg was cancelled. I am on the second flight I was moved too.

It was a “Travel with Laughter” moment! I asked myself, why wasn’t I supposed to be on the first flight? I may never know the reason.

This sounds like a computer glitch in the final stages of the merger. I have never received notification that a flight was cancelled and it really wasn’t.


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