The symbol of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. I know that some might say it is other landmarks and there are so many to chose from in Paris. The 2015 Sister’s vacation included one of our friends Kattie. It was her first time in Paris. We had a lot to pack in a short amount of time. After dinner in Paris, we “ran” to the Eiffel to see it lit up and sparkle. We had a bottle of champagne chilling in our room for us to bring for our nighttime visit to the tower. We grabbed some paper cups (I know, you shouldn’t drink champagne from paper cups) from the hotel and sat there admiring it’s beauty. I missed the opportunity to shoot the sparkles.

Do be aware of your surroundings and belongings while visiting the Eiffel Tower. Since this is such a high tourist area, you do need to be aware of the pickpockets and the people who are getting you to play “games.” Cross body’s bags with them under a jacket or sweater are good for this area.

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3 thoughts

  1. Your photos are so beautiful. You’re so blessed ❤ I've always dreamed of traveling to Paris after I finished my studies 😉

    More adventures to come! 🙂


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