There is so much beauty in the National Parks. Whenever I have the opportunity, I visit a National Park. Recently, I visited Rocky Mountain National Park with my parents. This is my second visit to Rocky Mountain, but I don’t remember what we saw on our previous visit. We were staying in Louisville, CO and entered the park through Estes Park. We entered at the Fall River entrance (8,240 feet). National Parks are busy during the summer and it was Father’s Day weekend too, so it was even busier. There was a heat wave in the Boulder area. The temperature in Boulder was above 95 degrees and around the Alpine visitor’s (11,796 feet) center it was in the 60’s. Almost wished I had a fleece when I got out of the car for pictures, but we didn’t do much hiking. We knew that the restaurants in Estes Park would be busy and not knowing how long it would take for us to get to the visitor center for lunch. We made the decision to get stuff for a picnic lunch, which I am glad we did. We went to the Endovalley picnic area and found a waterfall area. With melting snow, the water was moving swiftly. We had a great day in the park.

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