Did you know that Paris has two natural islands? I didn’t till I visited Paris in 2011. One is île de la Cité and the other is île Saint-Louis. During my first visit to Paris with my sister, I fell in love with île Saint-Louis. During that trip, I found the building I want to live in when I fulfill my dream and move Paris to be a photographer.

Recently, a tour guide in Paris has started to do Facebook Live walks around Paris. It is a great way to learn about Paris and feel like I am there from my couch. Corey Frye has a tour company called A French Frye in Paris. The third episode of his walks was around île Saint-Louis. He spent time in the church Eglise Saint Louis en L’Ile. It was great for me to hear the background about the church I had visited. One of my favorite things to do is explore churches when we come pass them. There was beauty around every corner of the church. There are so many beautiful churches in Paris and great to visit. I was in Paris at Christmas time, so the church was decorated for Christmas. The stained glass windows are stunning.

The island is fun place to explore and my favorite restaurant in Paris used to be on the island. I am sad that is it is now closed. I have found a new favorite restaurant, which is tough with so many amazing restaurants in Paris. For those that follow my blog know I love places that are local, good food and friendly.

île saint louis-7229

On warm days you will always find a line out the doors at Berthillon Glacier. Since I have never tasted their goodies, I will have something to add to my list for a future visit. Unless someone has a different suggestion.

île saint louis-7231
île saint louis-7230

While I was planning my first trip to Paris with my sister, I found the blog The Weekend in Paris. It is a great resource Paris and Priscilla has become a friend over the years. I highly recommend following her for Paris and more. One the shops she recommends is 38 Saint Louis, since I was there I visited. It is a great shop for goodies if you are in need of fromage and vin, especially if you are planning on sitting by the Seine!

île saint louis-7234
île saint louis-7233

Here are some the views from and around île Saint-Louis that I captured.

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