I am blessed! For the third time in 13 months, I am in San Diego for a conference. Every year there is a city that a couple of the conferences I attend are popular for multiple conferences. This year it was San Diego and New Orleans. Currently, I am in San Diego attending the Direct Selling Association’s Annual Meeting to represent Vector Marketing and Cutco Cutlery. This is a great reminder and sign to greet you at the airport.


For those of you that follow me regularly, you know I am a foodie. Recently, I have been enjoying plant based restaurants. I have seen a number of my friends post about Café Gratitude in San Diego, so I decided to try it yesterday. It didn’t disappoint at all, so I went back this morning!

At the top of the menu are the words I AM……. You order your items by saying I AM….. then the name of the item you want. Yesterday, I ordered content for my meal, golden for my latte and brave for my wellness shot. Today, I ordered the same beverages, because they were yummy. For my meal I ordered open-hearted. When you are served your items, they say YOU ARE…..

(BTW I didn’t know that the full benefits of turmeric are only activated when black pepper is incorporated)

After my meal this morning, I noticed that there was a mosaic artist Kim Emerson completing an installation outside of Café Gratitude. The area is Piazza Piscatory located in the Little Italy area of San Diego. It honors the fisherman of the area. I love meeting artists to learn from them and their passion for their art. It is a beautiful corner to take a break and enjoy the area.

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