On Tuesday, the Doylestown area had a tornado and this is the closest I have been to a one. According to the National Weather Service, it was an EF-2. I am blessed that where I live, we just lost power. The tornado touched down less than a mile from me. Many people around me weren’t so lucky. On Tuesday night, I took some photos around the center of Doylestown. The traffic lights were powered by generators. To me, it is crazy how the grids in Doylestown work. One block from me there was power and we lost it for 30 hours. As I write this, I know that there are some still without power.

On Saturday, I went with my parents for a drive around the New Hope area. Due to the storms earlier in the week, River Road north of the Center Bridge area was closed. So, we crossed Center Bridge into New Jersey and went up Route 29 North.

We found a spot on the New Jersey side of Delaware River to take some photos. Off in the distance, I could see the bridge by the Black Bass. Route 29 is a wider road, but not as scenic as River Road in Pennsylvania.

We crossed over to Pennsylvania in Frenchtown, NJ. We didn’t stop to walk around, but it is a cute town. I want to explore the area more. We were able to drive down River Road to Cuttalossa Road. That is where the title for this blog came from. The Cuttalossa Farm is a well known and a very photographed/painted area in Bucks County, but is my first time visiting the area. It know, it is crazy that I haven’t been here before. There were two painters there painting the farm. I have had friend tell me it feels like being in Ireland. I have never been to Ireland, but I definitely feel like I am in a different country there. I will be returning!

Along Cuttalossa Road is Cuttalossa Creek. There are signs that it is a park and you are able to pull over and enjoy the area. This is another area that would be great to explore more. I hadn’t planned on walking around, so I was in sandals. With all the mud, it wasn’t a good combination.

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