Halloween 2020

There is a full moon on Halloween this year. At 6 am on Halloween, I looked out the window and LOVED my view of the moon.

My parents and I have gotten good at having lunches in the car. We pick up lunch and then drive around to look at the beauty. We find a spot to park and look at the beauty of Bucks County. Today, we went to Lambertville, NJ. We parked and overlooked New Hope, PA

The Doylestown Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite places on Saturday morning. I stopped by my favorite farmer, Love Grows CSA and was drawn to their gorgeous napa cabbage. I never bought or cooked napa cabbage before today. I loved that the farmer talked with me about how to cook with it and I bought mushrooms from the market. I created an asian inspired dish this evening.

Here are some photos of Halloween decorations around Doylestown.

CB Cares Pumpkinfest

CB Cares is a local organization with a mission to: “CB Cares Educational Foundation, in partnership with Doylestown Health, the Central Bucks School District, local businesses, and the community, is dedicated to enriching the experience and education of students through innovative learning grants and Developmental Assets-based programs that promote responsible and resilient youth.”

They have a fundraiser every year called Pumpkinfest. Local artisans carve pumpkins and this year they moved it from The Moravian Pottery & Tile Works to the center of Doylestown. It was so great to see the pumpkins that the artisans created.

Lake Nockamixon

One of my favorite spots in Bucks County is Lake Nockamixon. There is so many beautiful spots in the park and especially in the fall. I have lived in the area for many years and found the dam from Park Road for the first time.

Here are photos from the park.

Giving Pond

For a few years my friend Jenny has told me about the Giving Pond, which is located in The Delaware Canal State Park. While I was out on a drive with my parents looking at the fall leaves, we passed it and stopped by. It was a peaceful area and look forward to going back.

Black Bass Hotel

One of my favorite areas along the Delaware River is Lumberville and The Black Bass Hotel. Next to the hotel is a walking bridge across the Delaware River to New Jersey. There is an American flag hanging from the bridge. For the first time, I also saw the old locks. They are located a little north of the Black Bass.

Trauger’s Farm Market

Supporting local farmers is one of my favorite things. My dad loves their popcorn. We drove up there while looking at the all leaves.


Pine2Pink is local charity to benefit local breast cancer patients. There was a pink wing wall, which I loved. Nancy would have loved this wall too. I took this photo on a plaid Friday, which honor my sister. Check out my instagram for my daily photos.

Random Photos

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