The last time I was in Boston was four and a half years ago. In my previous role at Vector Marketing, I used to travel to Boston often and it was nice to return. My trip to Boston was for DECA’s Power Trip Conference. For those not familiar with DECA it is an organization at the High School and Collegiate level for students to learn business skills. Vector Marketing, who I work for, is a corporate partner of DECA.

It was nice to back to in person conference and strange at the same time!

Westin Seaport Hotel

The Seaport area of Boston is undergone a major transformation and still has a lot of construction happening. If you haven’t been there recently, you wouldn’t recognize the area. The conference was at the Westin and it had an amazing view overlooking the Boston skyline. There was a full moon and I had an amazing view from my room. The first Full Moon of November is called The Beaver Moon. These photos were taken with my iPhone and don’t do the beauty justice.


About 15 years ago, I was introduced to Lucca in the North End. Every chance I get to dine there, I do! It was great to see friends that I haven’t seen for a couple of years and was so happy they could join me for dinner at one of my favorite places. Since the pandemic began, one of the things I won’t take for granted seeing friends.


Before dinner I was meeting a friend for some oysters! When in Boston, I have to get some good seafood and oysters are always a good idea. Still trying to figure out the illusions in the photo below.

Aqua Pazza

Aqua Pazza and Mare are part of the same restaurant group, which I recommend! I went to dinner with friends from DECA’s National Advisory Board. Loved seeing the homemade pasta in the window. Too bad I am gluten-free and was unable to enjoy these pastas. It has great atmosphere and somewhere that is on the list to return.

Mike’s Pastry

Have you ever had a cannoli? Have you ever had a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry?

They are amazing. I brought them to the DECA’s National Advisory Board meeting for everyone to try them and their Italian cookies. There were a few people who never had a cannoli and they are spoiled now! If you visit, bring cash and be prepared for it to be crowded.


This is my second time at Temazcal. The first time is a funny story, to me. I was in Boston with friends on St. Patrick’s Day in 2017. We were hungry and went to a Mexican Restaurant because it wouldn’t be busy. When I arrived at the hotel, I wanted to have a good lunch and was happy to go for a quick walk from the hotel. I had the salmon tacos, which are wrapped in lettuce and they were delicious.

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