The cabin we stayed in during our Maine vacation was close to the New Hampshire border and the White Mountains. Since we were there in September, the leaves were starting to change. There are two things that my parents love seeing when traveling: waterfalls and covered bridges. The day we were going to the White Mountains we found some covered bridges.

Photos are available for purchase here.

Hemlock Covered Bridge

Yes, I know this a blog about the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Hemlock Covered Bridge is in Fryeburg, ME. This bridge was on our way to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, so I included it here.

The drive to Hemlock Covered Bridge was beautiful, but because of unpaved roads, it was slow. There were also no gas stations or restrooms on the way to the bridge. We did find a gas station and they were kind enough to let us use their employee restroom.

The scenery on the way was beautiful. My friend Jenny wants to do a stonewall at her house and they were all over the area. We were joking we could bring back one rock to get her started.

After a drive through the countryside to get to Hemlock Covered Bridge, we see a bridge work sign. At first, I thought it was closed and we were going to have to drive back the way we came. HAHA!!!!

It would have been a Travel With Laughter moment, if the bridge had been closed.

Saco River Covered Bridge

We made our way to New Hampshire after we found a place for lunch. We visited Saco River Covered Bridge. When traveling, we start with one spot and then go from there. This time we wanted to find covered bridges in the area. So, after visiting the first one I pull up covered bridges near where we are on my phone and we head next to the closest one.

Swift River Bridge

A short drive from Saco River Bridge is the Swift River Bridge. It is closed to traffic and would be a great for the picnics.

Echo Lake State Park- North Conway, New Hampshire

When we were visiting Saco River covered bridge, a local gentleman recommended Echo Lake State Park. There are two main areas of the park. First, we went to Cathedral Ledge. The views were amazing and t was cool to see some rock climbers getting ready to climb. I do have to say that is one thing that I will not be trying.

Next, we went to the lake to explore. We got out my dad’s scooter and went to the lake.

Scenic Road- White Mountains

After visiting Echo Lake State Park we saw a sign for ice cream and tried to find the store. We didn’t find it, so I stopped at a ski store and asked the best way to get back to Maine. I was looking for a different way and they recommended the scenic road nearby. It connects Route 302 and 112. If in the area, I recommend taking the road. It is beautiful, but you should know it is closed in the winter. After driving it, I can see why.

Rocky Gorge and Lower Falls Scenic Area

At the time of our visit in September, the leaves were just starting to change. They are two beautiful areas.

It was starting to get late, so we decided to head back to our cabin. We made the mistake of not using the restroom or getting food when we had the chance. We drove for over an hour and finally found a bathroom. Thank you to Purity Spring Resort for letting us use your bathroom. We waited till we got to the area where our cabin was for food! So, my advice when in the area, get food and use the bathroom when you have the chance.

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