When you travel, I have found that I need to open up to the people that are around me.  I recently returned from NOLA.  The Sweet Sixteen tournament was happening while I was there.   The hotel I was staying at was also host to the Butler Basketball team…..I am now a fan of the team!  They won the game on Thursday night that I was there.  You would have never known that they won that night….they were the most respectful team.  I met the parents of one of the players and they were focused to WIN…..they are going to the Final Four and playing another team that was LONG SHOT….VCU!  I am now a Butler fan…..and open to who I meet!

While in NOLA I visited Willie Mae Scotch House- the best fried chicken.  I met other people there for the first time….It was amazing….must visit if in NOLA!

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Live music is a another passion!  Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to see any in a venue there were musicians on the streets!

NOLA is a foodies delight…..

“Travel with Laughter” and open your eyes to those around you!



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