I have realized that I have been blessed to travel many places.  Yet my list of places to see and experiences to have is still quite long.  I LOVE new experiences and do look forward to traveling.  There are some people who ask me how I can travel so much? The way I look at is that everywhere I go is a new experience and I am lucky to take them in during my travels.  Also, I can expand my passion for photography.  I see many beautiful and funny things!

Where to next??  For right now it is being home!!  Looking forward to spending time with friends and family.  We all need to be a tourist in our own town.  I lived in Massachusetts for a little bit and never took advantage of the places around me- The cape, Boston, and the beach!!!  Many people come to our towns to visit….take advantage of the things around you!

Have a great week and remember “Travel with Laughter”

2 thoughts

  1. I always like to “do what the locals do” for at least part of my trip–eat in a restaurant off the beaten path or go to a club where the people who liver there go. I like to mix the real place with the places a tourist might go.


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