“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”  

I just looked up the origins of this great quote……It has origins from England- how appropriate this week with Royal Wedding!  I remember getting up to watch Princess Di and Prince Charles wed, there was really no capability to record the wedding .  I will do so again this year.  Many people have said to me, now you don’t have to get up so early……because of DVR’s.  However, that won’t do it for me.  I must see it live!

While I was training for the Avon Breast cancer walk, I learned to appreciate all the beauty around me.  When you are doing an 18 mile training walk you definitely have time to look around!  Still love the walks and snapping pictures of the beauty around me!

Below are some pics that I took during a recent trip to Boston! (I wanted to show more pics, but having issues uploading because the files are too big!)

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