On this beautiful day in Doylestown, I am reminded of a day in June of 2008.  This was before I was really into photography, so there are no pics to go with the story 😦

I was attending a conference in Lake George, NY in the Adirondack’s and thought it would be great to go for a hike.  My friend Renee (she is now an amazing health coach) and I went to the Visitors Center to check out area trails.  We were given the recommendation to hike a 1 1/2 mile mountain trail (I can’t remember the name!) and were told it would take an hour and half roundtrip.  We enjoyed a great breakfast and then decided it might be a good idea to get a bottle of water and maybe a snack to take with us.  We were ready to begin……

We found the trail head and our adventure began!  Both of us were not experienced hikers, but had completed Half Marathons within the prior year……so we were ready to conquer a 3 mile roundtrip hike!

The hike began……45 minutes into it we were laughing because we hadn’t even gotten to half a mile.  We knew then that this might be harder than expected and take a little more time.  In our true NO QUIT attitude we continued, even though we met people who had completed it many times and let us know of the difficulty still ahead of us!  During the hike, people were placed when we needed them- the couple who taught us about walking sticks and the gentleman who had PLENTY of water and offered to fill our bottles!  It reminded us that there are people all around you to help when needed.

I am not going to bore you with the details, but the total roundtrip was 6 hours!!!!  Yes, you read that correctly….it ended up being a 6 hour hike roundtrip….LOL!!  It was not the relaxing hike we expected, but a little more strenuous.  We definitely have a story of the adventure!  To this day Renee and I laugh about our adventure.  Also, she has learned to run the other way when I say……..I have an idea!!

“Travel with Laughter”

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