On my experience list is to attend Nebraska football game at Memorial Stadium!

Next on my list was to see them play Texas A&M with my friend Ashley.  Currently, Nebraska is in the Big 12 and they are moving to the Big 10 July 2011.  With this change they won’t be playing Texas A&M, after this year, anytime soon.  It was the last chance for me to see them play each other with my friend Ashley (Texas A&M alum).  Since June of 2010, we were planning for me to go to Austin and see the two teams play in College Station!

During the Fall of 2010 we set our plans and got tickets (or so I thought)…..and I was headed to Austin in November and ready to see the Huskers play for the first time!

Fast forward to the game weekend.  I land and tell Ashley how excited I was about our seats……that is when she lays it on me…..the tickets we had fell through and we were going to have to scalp at the stadium!  LOL…..I was laughing because I was flying there to see the game and then I find out we didn’t have tickets.  I let it go till we got to College Station on Saturday, then I started to get nervous.  IF you know anything about Nebraska’s football fan is that they travel very well for their football.  It was a sea of Nebraska red at College Station.  We go to College Station enjoy lunch and then I put my sales skills to use!

I start walking around and ask people if they have tickets.  Then I see this:

Nebraska Fans travel well!

I walk up to them and ask if they have any tickets to buy.  They tell me they might, but we will have to wait and see.  Tickets were going for $180 in the nosebleed section, but we were ready to pay!  After waiting for a couple of hours….they came through and I had these in my hand……for face value!  Thank you North Texas Nebraskans!

I got tickets!

Needless to say I was excited……Ashley was a little upset that she had to sit with the Nebraska fans, but I was in Heaven!  IF you are a Nebraska fan reading this, you know that it was not a good day for Nebraska football.  It was a great experience and I got to spend time with my friend.

They know how to BBQ in Texas

We went tailgating after we got our tickets…..They know how to BBQ in Texas and we had a blast!

It was a great weekend and I was glad that I “Travel With Laughter”

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