That weather report is fine for the middle of winter, but not Memorial Day weekend!

I am in the beautiful town of Vail! It is the end of May and off season. The snow showers are supposed to come on Monday (Memorial Day)- lets see what happens.

Below is the how the trip started! I got upgraded on the flight to Denver…Woo Hoo! Never happens on the long flights for me. UsAir has really stepped up their breakfast on first class!


I am traveling with my parents. We decided to go for a scenic drive to Glenwood Caverns. Once there, we decided to go up the mountain via the tram…….we didn’t realized the winds were gusting up to 60mph. It took us an hour to go up (usually takes about 10 minutes)! I was laughing the whole way up. There was no other option!

We went up!
The trams were swaying!

Once there, the views were awesome!


We went into the cave and enjoyed our afternoon! Thanks to the people who helped me with my Mom in the cave.

“Travel with Laughter”

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