During the month of July 2011, I have committed to a blog a day.  One week to go- some have been better than other and I have learned a ton about me and blogging.  I am excited to see what August will bring.  I have been writing a lot about my trips over the past years.  I haven’t been traveling that much this month!  That will change this week.  My travels are beginning again.  I love the change of pace and the keeping things different.  Last year, I visited the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  It is such a beautiful place. I grew up with a father in the military and appreciate all they do.  This is for them!

Most people don’t know I wanted to be a fighter pilot- love seeing the planes!

Don’t know where this flag is from- it hangs in the big hall on the Acdemy.

No trip anywhere isn’t complete with some great food…..this was yummy!

Great memories with great friends! Thank you to those that serve.
“Travel with laughter”

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