September 11, 2011 marks the 10 year anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster.  Until 2001 is was just another day, now it will have special meaning to everyone.  A day that those who lived through it, will never forget.  The question in the title is what we ask ourselves during major events.  Here are some major events that we remember

Now things are delineated between before September 11th and after.  Yes, things are different. Just like everyone handled the disaster differently, everyone will handle the anniversaries differently:
  •  If you want to watch endless hours of TV commemorating the disaster, you can.
  •  If you want to do a service project, you can.
  •  If you want to “walk” or “run” in honor, you can.
  • If you want to attend a memorial service, you can.
  • If you want to spend it alone, you can.
That is what is great about being an American, you can do what you want.  Prayers and thoughts are with everyone during this time.
Here are few pictures to commemorate September 11th in Doylestown.

The County Theater in Doylestown places the American Flag every year in their windows.

There is an area in Doylestown know as Freedom Square. It is a great area to visit and was created with help from the Travis Manion Foundation.

Thank you to all of our military, police officers and firefighters for their duty and running into disasters when we are running out!
“Travel with Laughter”

4 thoughts

  1. Was attending a funeral of a political appointees spouse on 9/11. During the funeral a number of dignitaries received calls and left. At the conclusion I went outside to my car and my driver advised me of the building collapses. My friend who had just buried his spouse lost 5 friends who worked at the port authority the same day. If it had not been for attending the funeral I would have been flying to Boston from NYC the same day. Many thanks to God…


  2. I was at Austin College in Sherman, TX getting ready for class. I didn’t have a TV and the only reason I knew anything had happened is because my roommate’s friend called from the Dallas area to let her know. I thought it was just an accident and went on with what I was doing. When I got to class, the prof told us he was late because he’d been watching the coverage. We went ahead and had that class but all other classes were cancelled that day. It still didn’t really sink in. I had no connection or understanding of what was happening. I think it means more to me today than it did then.


  3. Yes, I believe for many people it was a surreal moment. I was a district manager in MA and was on campus running a table. What was more real for me was our NY office and flying the week after to interview for CRM. There were only 3 of us on the plane. Planes had just started flying again. That was crazy!


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