“If not me, then who….” – Travis Manion

That is the motto of the Travis Manion Foundation and Doylestown, PA was his hometown.  After his death in 2007, the Manion family started the Travis Manion Foundation.  Every year, on or around 9/11, they host the 9/11 heroes run.  Doylestown was the founding race.  Today, there were 35 races around the world.  Also, the foundation was the recipient of a piece of the World Trade Center.  It was on display at Burpee park today.  The final location will be the new Justice Center being built.

Piece of the World Trade Center

Prior to the run, the children did a very touching ceremony.

The start of the Run in Doylestown!

The view walking to the center of Doylestown

Thank you to the Travis Manion Family!

“Travel with Laughter”

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