One of the things on our list to do while in Paris was to put a lock on the love lock bridge. I am not sure if this what its called…..but it is pretty cool! Little did we know there were three bridges. Pretty cool tradition.  Yes, I know there are many museums and history to see…..but we thought this was different and wanted to do it.

Nancy putting her lock on the bridge!

“Travel with Laughter”

15 thoughts

  1. It’s very romantic. My husband and I traveled to Paris this past fall to add our love lock to the Pont des Arts. I’m collecting love lock stories from Paris and I would love to get yours.


    1. Thank you! I was there this fall with sister, so I don’t have a story of locking a lock on the bridge with the one I love. We knew we wanted to do this while traveling there, but didn’t bring our own locks. We bought them from a vendor. Cool concept with the blog!


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