During our day of wine tasting, in the Loire River Valley, with La Grande Maison Nancy and I had an amazing picnic lunch! The lunch was on the banks of the Vienne River and was absolutely perfect. This was our first wine tour in France and we were spoiled.

Before lunch we took a walk around Candes-Saint-Martin. My heart sings when I explore the small towns of France! There was a beautiful church that is over 800 years old with a beautiful black stained glass window.

Now onto the awesome lunch! Conversation, people and food were so good that I didn’t take many pictures.


“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. I am sure that You got wonderful time. In which town was that old church? I have only been in Saumur when driving around in France. When being young schoolboy I had the pen pal from Saumur.

    I love Your photos; they are very beautiful.


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