I was so excited to visit Chateau du Petit Thouars!  Prior to visiting the Loire, I had been tweeting with them.  I have to say it was cool to meet Seb and Michele (the winemaker).  We arrived to see the beautiful Chateau and the vineyards.  Below are pics of our walk around and the barrel tasting.  Cabernet Franc is one of my favorites and theirs was spectacular.  We wish we could have brought more back with us.  They do distribute in Colorado, so I will have to check for it next month. We learned sooooo much about wine and our time with Micaela from La Grande Maison was amazing!

It’s great that they now export to Pennsylvania!

Fiery Red Cabernet Franc leaves!
Nancy’s favorite outfit of the trip!
Yay! We saw grapes on the vines!

Special treat! Barrel tasting with the winemaker!

Perfect end to a perfect day!

“Travel with Laughter”

One thought

  1. Ahh . . . Wine making, walking
    in the country and communing
    with the ‘spirits’ father stayed
    on the grounds of a rum factory
    in Belize – said they were very
    generous with the samples, but
    he coulden’t bring himself to
    try a product who’s manufacture
    was the source of the terrible
    odor constantly wafting over the
    compound. He is and always
    will be a wine drinker. Now I
    know why Vinyands get all the
    tourists. Simply beautiful.


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