In October of 2011, I returned to IUP for the first time since 1993!  It was great to be back and things have definitely changed.  The weather was perfect for a fall visit. I drove from Olean, NY to Indiana, PA. While I was a student there I didn’t realize how far out there IUP was….drive home was LONG.

Lots of classes in Keith Hall!
Dining Hall still there!
New Kovalchik center….used to be a junk yard

Oak Grove is still the same….LOVED this part of campus!

One of the major changes on campus is that all of the residences that I lived in are no longer there!

No longer Governor’s quad!
Tri-halls are no longer there!

These were the steps I fell down my freshman year after an English final….there were a sheet of ice! Memories.

“Travel with Laughter”

6 thoughts

  1. IUP, how I missed you so!
    I too attended IUP, though it was only for 1 year, i have memories to last a life time.
    Oak Grove, Elkins Hall, The Hub, the hill leading down to the sports complex that I slide down on my butt going to my heath final. The Taco Bell that offered 39 cents hard or soft tacos every Sunday.
    Awe, the freshmen 15…how i don’t miss you so!
    thanks for the walk down memory lane
    it was a nice start to my dreaded Monday


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