Do you have a group of friends where you keep trying to get together and nothing seems to work out?

I have a group that have been busy since the holidays.  We haven’t had time to get together.  That changed Saturday night.  We randomly found ourselves together.  We got drinks and had dinner.  Because this was spontaneous, I didn’t have my camera and I don’t have pictures.  We determined that spontaneous gatherings can be the best.  We spent the night laughing and enjoying each others company.  We had a blast catching up.  It was definitely a night of friends, laughter, and good food!  Remember to live spontaneously and don’t be scheduled all of the them.  I have learned that with my travel and work schedule that I need to schedule time with nothing going on…….I protect my weekends and keep my rest time for me.  It allows me time to rejuvenate and do spontaneous things.  Have a great night and enjoy Day Light Savings Time!

“Travel with Laughter”

2 thoughts

  1. This is so important! As life gets more complicated it’s that much more difficult be spontaneous. I have a group of girlfriends who all have their birthdays in the dead of winter when all we want to do is curl up and stay home. So several years ago, we instituted the “Birthday Girls Brunch.” Getting it on the calendar this year was torture, so we didn’t go out to celebrate until yesterday. Such a GREAT time that we all agreed, once a year is not enough! We have to do better. I’m reluctant to call someone on a random weekend because I assume everyone else is “busy.” What if we are all doing that?? I’m going to take Helen’s advice and be spontaneous!


    1. Yes, we all need to be more spontaneous! If we all think we are too busy, then we will never see anyone. With one of my groups of friends we have to do doodle polls to find the time to see each other.


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