Wow!!!  Spring fever has hit in mid-March.  I had to snap a picture of the weather report for Doylestown on March 13th.  It hit a high of 72 degrees today.  When you combine warm weather and Day Light Savings Time,  you have happy people.   As I am writing this blog, I see on the news it was 81 degrees in Omaha, NE today.  University of Nebraska has begun “Spring” football practice ……might feel more like the summer practice for the Huskers. GO BIG RED!!! (Can’t miss the opportunity to promote Husker football!)

Recently, our office moved and I am now able to walk to work!  Tonight, I walked home……it was glorious.  There were lots of runners and walkers out today.  The outdoor seating at restaurants have come alive.  It is amazing what sunshine and warm weather do for people’s attitudes.  I found on my walk that they smiled and said hello as we passed each other.  Yes, I know it is still winter.  However, I will take this weather any day.  It brings the question what will the summer be like??!!!  For now, I am going to just enjoy this weather and my walk to work tomorrow morning.  If you are enjoying an early spring, what are you doing to take advantage of it?

“Travel with Laughter”

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