I could eat sushi everyday!  Growing up I never had sushi and now it is my favorite food.  My mom was good cook, but we never had anything “exotic.” I don’t think there were any Japanese restaurants where I grew up in rural Pennsylvania.  I know not everyone likes sushi and it can be an acquired taste.  I had a great lunch at Ooka in Doylestown last week.  It was YUMMY!

“Travel with Laughter”

13 thoughts

  1. mmm i love sushi too….i would never have dreamt of trying sushi when i was younger and thought adults were crazy for eating raw fish, but it’s one of my favorites now!!!


  2. Count me in! Can’t get enough of it! Salmon sashimi – my fave 🙂 I don’t know what it is about salmon but I love that texture in my mouth! You know what I find funny are those that refer to California rolls as sushi and they don’t eat the raw fish. Yikes! Thanks for sharing!


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