Cheers to celebrating LIFE!

Those of you that follow my blog, know how important time with my friends is to me.  At the end of October, I had a gathering of my friends in Doylestown.  It was a great day laughing and relaxing. There are four of us that always get together to celebrate each of our birthdays.  It was my turn.  My birthday isn’t for a couple of weeks.  However, when you have a birthday around a holiday- it becomes fun to plan a time that we all can make.  So, we did it early.  It was a great weekend with my sister and friends.  We love going to BYO’s and we went to one of my favorites in Doylestown- Vine and Fig.  Here are some pics from our delish meal.  Drew and his team did an outstanding job!

Thank you ladies for a fun weekend!

“Travel with Laughter”

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