Do you have power?  That is the question of  the week here in Doylestown.  As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I only lost power on Monday night.  I am one of the lucky ones.  So many in the Doylestown area are just starting to get it back.   When you don’t have power you realize how important the little things are and realize they aren’t so little.   Like showers, cooking, heat etc.  Good thing the restaurants in Doylestown had power.   They have been packed with customers all week, who have been out of power.  It’s really great seeing people reaching out and helping others.  Letting them shower, sleep and eat at their houses.  True human spirit is rising!

Yes, I have had power, but I haven’t had any cable at my house this week.  I view it as a blessing.  I haven’t been drawn into watching the devesation that has happened on New Jersey and NYC.  It’s very hard to comprehend the damage and destruction that has taken place.  I have realized that everyone is dealing with it differently.  Because I am in the Northeast area we all know someone who either lives there or owns a house there.  Some of my friends haven’t been able to get to their houses yet.  My friends who have started the clean-up process have said the devastation they are seeing looks like a bomb hit some areas.  I can’t imagine.

I friend sent me a text that sums it up for me:  Prayers of strength and comfort.  In times like these, may we rise to support and love!

There are so many stories of others reaching out to those devestated.  Here are a few:

  • “Fill the Bus” is happening in Doylestown tonight.  Bring canned goods to Doylestown and fill the bus
  • EMS in Warrington- collecting supplies.  Their store manager is going to help those in need
  • A friend who has a house in Longport (their house is fine) is going today and tomorrow to help those who weren’t so lucky
  • Adorama in Lower Manhattan has charging stations set up to help those without power
  • Friends cooking meals and letting others shower
  • Two of the offices that I work with are going to buy a bunch of supplies and bring them to those in need.
  • Local Y allowing people without power to shower at the Y
  • Allure West Photogrpahy studio in Doylestown is opening their doors tonight in Doylestown to let people charge their electronics and will give photography hints

May all those impacted find comfort and take the hands that are reached out to them!

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  1. Helen,
    Beautiful post. Keeping everyone in our prayers and hope that power is restored soon. If there is anything I can do to help please give me a shout out. If food, water or other supplies are needed I will send things up.



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