At the end of April, I flew to Los Angeles for the DECA ICDC conference. I didn’t know till we were 45 minutes from LA, that our flight was escorting a fallen soldier home. It was a very moving experience and makes you appreciate things in life. For those of you who have flown lately, you know as soon as the seat belt light goes off EVERYONE stands and starts moving to get their bags. Not on this flight. The pilot asked everyone to stay seated and they did. You could hear a pin drop on the plane. For those of you who don’t know a fallen soldier has an escort from a solider to his family. A member of the LAPD entered the plane and let the military escort know the field was his to prepare the soldier. It was very moving, I felt like I couldn’t leave and head to baggage claim till the soldier had completed his journey home.

Thank you to all the soldier’s who have served and are serving! That is the true meaning of Memorial Day.









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  1. I was on a flight last year bringing home a fallen soldier to St. louis and it brought everyone to tears. Thanks to those who serve our country and thoughts and prayers to the families who have lost loved ones.


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