I am so excited! Last week my CSA (community supported agriculture) started again. I have missed getting local/fresh fruits and veggies weekly. I can feel the difference in my health, when I eat from there.  I go to Palovchak’s Produce in Doylestown. It’s a great CSA and I was lucky when I chose mine last year. My sister last year picked one by her house and had to do a lot of her own picking. They had only one pick-up day and it was after work. The last thing she wanted to do was pick her share after working all day.  Be careful of what CSA you chose.  You have to do research and pick the kind of CSA you want.

My experience has been totally different. I go to the farm and pick it up and then start cooking.  All of the items are already picked when I get there and all you do is fill your bag.  Two of my friends also joined, so we will be sharing recipes.  It challenges my cooking!









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