It’s hard to believe that we are half way through 2013.  How are your resolutions doing that you made in the beginning of the year? A couple of months ago, I wrote about how I chose a word for the year vs. making resolutions. The word I chose for the year was health.  I thought I would update you on how things were going. I am still training with John Edwin from Strength PT and Vicki Cross from Flip Dog Pilates. I am loving that I am feeling stronger. Last week John took a picture of me doing bear crawls. I was laughing while doing this, which was not my normal practice. (I usually call them death crawls!)  John snapped the picture below and encouraged me to write a blog, bear crawling with laughter!


A little over a month ago I got braces. It has changed my eating a little bit. I am sure lots of soft foods are in my future after adjustments.  One of the things I love are greens and with braces, they became tough to eat and get stuck. So, I have gotten a Vitamix. I love it and haven’t even had it a week. I get my greens in liquid form and lots of other goodies. I also made a delicious pesto this past weekend in the Vitamix.  I used local kale and basil.  As I have written about before, I am a member of a Palovchak’s CSA and get fresh foods every week.  I am looking forward to more whole foods and less processed foods this summer.  All of this is in alignment with my word for the year HEALTH!!!



I am excited to announce that later today, I will be hanging my photography at Zen Den in Doylestown. It will be some of my favorite photos around Doylestown. I am extremely excited for this and it is one of the goals that I set last year for my photography. If you are in the area, stop by. Also, I will be hosting a wine and cheese there on July 12th from 6-8pm.

I am looking forward to the second half of 2013 and continuing the foundation of health that I have built the first six months.


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  1. First of all, congratulations on your photo exhibit, hope it is a hit. Secondly, July is my FAVORITE month!!! The month of the Ruby. The month of French Independence, The month of United States Independence………….and coinciding with Bastille Day…..The Birthday of Tin Man and the annual French Party at my home. This is a Fun Month. Keep up the crawl, you are better than me!


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