It has been a year since I got braces. I have learned a lot in the past year. Some may ask why I got braces at 42. In 2013 my focus was health, so I decided to correct my bite and teeth. It is amazing what a difference in your bite can do with your health. I had a doctor tell me we need to chew each bite 40 times. It is becoming easier to do, but I am still not there yet.

Braces have taught me patience. This is the biggest thing I have learned! As soon as you get them on, you want them off. However, for it be done correctly, it takes time. Every six weeks you go and have an “adjustment” to move things a little more. If you were to look at my teeth right now, they are close to being straight and you would say they could come off. However, when you look at the x-rays you can see that the roots still need adjustment.

Braces have taught me to smile more. I realized before I had braces that I would smile with my lips closed. Now, I smile showing my teeth. I don’t care that there are braces on them…..they are straight!

Braces have taught me how to make orthodontist appointments fun! Today I was taking selfies while they were repositioning some of the brackets. We were laughing and enjoying the two hours I was in the chair.

Braces have taught me that I am blessed that this is my “medical” concern right now. There are people who wish this was their medical issue. There is an end to my braces!

Braces have taught me to appreciate the little things in life. For instance, flossing my teeth without having to go around the wires. I love it when they take my wires out at an appointment so I can brush and floss without the wires. After I get the braces off, I will be the best flosser!

Braces have taught me how to be vulnerable. Below are some pictures that are really not flattering, but I had fun taking them. So, I decided to put them out into the world!

Thank you Dr. Welsh, Dr. Bullock and the staff at Orthodontics Specialists of Bucks County!




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