Yes, I know it’s July! A couple of weeks ago during a spin class at REV my word of the year came to me.


I wasn’t going to chose a word, just to pick one. I knew the word would come to me when it was time, it was time! A few years ago, my word of the year was health. That is when I got  decided to get braces, which was for health reasons. Over the past few weeks I have decided to step out of my comfort zone. Rev has helped me achieve that goal. One of the classes I have taken is boxing and that is out of my comfort zone. As I was driving to boxing this morning, I was scared, in a good way. It was a tough class and I felt stronger leaving. That is my goal with everything that I do. One of my friends gave me a journal and the front cover says:

Do one thing everyday that scares you! 

This is my way to get stronger. I love the theme of Rev:

Healthy. Strong. Alive.

Postive reinforcement throughout the tough classes get me stronger.  During the classes many of the instructors say it’s time to “get breathless”, which pushes me to get stronger.

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