Earlier this summer, I wrote a blog about my word of the year. It is STRONG! One of the things I have realized is that in order for me to get stronger, I need to:

Do one thing a day that scares you!

In June, I joined REV fitness studio. It was scary to walk in there, because I was going to be taking classes that I have never done before. Let me clarify that everyone at REV is awesome and not scary, but the classes will kick your butt! Now I love the challenge that is in front of me in each class! I do feel myself getting stronger and that is my goal.

Thank you Tiffany for the gift!

Below are some of the things that I did over the summer that scared me. Paddle boarding! It is a great form of exercise and looks so graceful, when done properly. I looked anything but graceful. I was at my friend’s lake house and we went for a morning trip on the boards. There should have been a video of me in the beginning of our adventure. I didn’t last too long, before I went for an unexpected swim in the lake. This is a picture of me at the end of our paddle boarding.

Here is how I took our tour around her area of the lake! When I was on my knees my center of gravity was lower and less likely to fall in the lake. I am confident with practice I would get better and love paddle boarding. Next summer, I will look for local paddle boarding classes.

In August, I was visiting a friend in Rhode Island. We went to Jounce, it is an exercise class on rebounders. For me this was scary for balance reasons. It was great and I overcame the class challenges.

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