Doylestown is decorated for the holidays. The stores in Doylestown have beautiful windows lots of goodies for gifts. For those that follow my blog, know that I love supporting the local businesses and many have become friends. The decorations makes shopping fun and festive. The owners take pride in their windows! Love the iconic County Theater, which is playing White Christmas on December 14th.

The tree in the center of Doylestown.

Head over Heels has great chandeliers in their windows. Winter white is one of my favorite looks.

Patricia Hutton Gallery has an inviting door!

The angel of Estate Boutique commands the window!

Fun Christmas tree in the new candy store on State Street.

Nicholas and Alexandra are my favorite jewelers in Doylestown and are all decked out with their windows!

Lotus is ready to deck you out for New Years and has have your gift needs ready. Great clothes and home needs, which is one of my favorites in Doylestown.

C Ferry Home is a new home store in Doylestown, it is on State Street. Love their window and everything in the store!

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