Did you know that Doylestown has the longest running Memorial Day Parade in the US? I didn’t know here till I moved to Doylestown. Today was the 150th parade and estimates were that 15,000 people would be in attendance. Doylestown has many great events throughout the year and the Memorial Day parade is one of my favorites. Every year when I see the vets marching I get choked up and everyone stands for them. We have a had rainy month and I am glad that there was nothing more than a few sprinkles today. We got “front row” seats for the parade and was fun to view.

Thank you to all those who have served and serving America!

These photos are for purchase on my website.

Tonight I thought I would go to Freedom Square in town and take some photos. It honors the fallen soldiers in Bucks County. The Travis Manion Foundation along with Lynn & William Goldman Jr. have made Freedom Square possible. It is a peaceful area to remember and honor our soldiers.

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